Balloon race!

Hello! We had a great day on the Southbank in London launching Mission:Explore balloons. (PLEASE NOTE our balloons and tags are all biodegradable – breaking down as quickly as oak leaves).

This is where we’ll be mapping all the discovered balloons.

If you’ve found a balloon, let us know:

where you found it, and when and what number is on the tag.

Let us know your contact details as well (we promise not to sell it or spam you!) and we’ll add it to the map. If your balloon wins one of the prizes, we’ll send you some delightful goodies. Send these details over to us at explore at canofwormsenterprises dot co dot uk.

While you’re here, it would be terribly rude not to introduce ourselves. We’re the publishers of Mission: Explore, a series of books that National Geographic called “bold, cool, exciting …and just plain fun!”. The aim of the books to to get children exploring our world and seeing it in a different way. The authors, The Geography Collective, have a brilliant website where you can find exciting missions all over the UK – there’s even an iPhone app! Check it out here.

Buy the books at a special discounted rate here:

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  1. With regard to your balloon race, balloon number #819 made it to Rayleigh, Essex.

    Kindest Regards,

    Roger Hollamby

  2. Hi,
    If it helps, ballon #819 arrived in Rayleigh, Essex just off Daws Heath Road at approximately 19:10 hours, today (2nd April, 2011). Not really sure if this is all the information you require, however, assume you will email me if I can be of further assistance. Rayleigh is approximately 6 -7 miles from Southend on Sea.

    Kindest Regards,
    Roger Hollamby

  3. I found balloon #589 early this afternoon and located it with Googles feature on twitter, which seems to have placed me somewhere just east of Leipzig which given my proximity to the National Theatre in London at the time leaves me somewhat astounded.

  4. I found balloon #911 this afternoon on a golfcourse in a waterhazard. The place i found it is in Lemvig, Denmark.

  5. Hello.

    My name is Emil. Im 9 yers old and from Sweden. I found a balloon in my lake near from my home. There was an number on it its #547. The lake`s Name is Älgsjön(Mooslake)and its little bite south Arvika in Värmland.
    The date is 2011-04-04 and klock 19.30

    I hope that i can get a ansver from you.

    // Emil :-)

  6. Hi,
    My Dad & I found two balloons (entangled) , #856 and #837 just outside Eyke,Suffolk (close to Woodbridge)
    on Sunday afternoon. They are both green.
    From Anna (age 4)

  7. I found ballon #591 on my way to school in Copenhagen, Denmark on 5 April 2011.
    Best regards from Thea – 6 years old

  8. Hi

    I found balloon #848 today (06/04/11) at 1300hrs in a field in east Suffolk between Leiston and Sizewell.



  9. [...] balloons have been found in Denmark and Sweden (all are bio-degradable, we are mapping the reports here) and Mission:Explore will be featured in this Monday’s G2 section of The Guardian (more to [...]

  10. I didnt found any ballons but what a great idea!

  11. Hallo:) I found balloon #952 on 4 April,outside my house in Lakene,Värmland 80 km north from Karlstad in Sweden. Amusing:):)

  12. Hallo!

    I found a green balloon #766 two weeks ago at the shore in Harlingen, The Netherlands.

    Cheers Aniek Vijver

  13. I am Danny Ball aged 3 years from Hersham.
    I can’t believe my balloon #911 flew all the way to another country.
    I loved seeing it fly off!

  14. Dear Danny
    Ask you mum or dad to send us your address and we shall send you a book.
    Have a great summer holiday.
    From the Can of Worms crew and the Geography Collective

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