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Review from the CTC

The Cycling Touring and Campaigning (CTC) magazine, Cycle, has published a review of 50 Quirky Bike Rides by Eye Books author Rob Ainsley.

A bit like Dr Who’s Tardis, this slim paperback conceals a cavernous interior, with copious facts about unusual biking experiences all over England and Wales. Each ride includes a ‘snackstop’, a ‘bevvy break’, a tourist tick list (making sightseeing a doddle) and details of further information sources. Yet more icing on the cake comes in the form of a dedicated website with maps of all the routes shown. The book will interest a whole spectrum of riders, from casual pootlers to dedicated cycle tourers. A great book.

Visit Rob’s website here.

Alastair Humphreys’ lastest adventure

Alastair Humphreys, author of Moods of Future Joys and Thunder and Sunshine, is embarking on a new expedition. SOUTH will be the longest unsupported polar journey in history, with Alastair and his friend Ben Saunders making the first return journey to the South pole on foot. This pdf brochure summarises the project. This extraordinary and inspirational pair have been training for over four years in order to be able to face the extreme conditions they will have to survive. Alastair’s blog goes into more detail about this incredible challenge, and you can find out more about Ben Saunders, youngest person to ski solo to the North Pole and British record holder for the longest Arctic journey, on his blog.

There’s something in the fridge that wants to kill me!

Chips Hardy, author of Each Day a Small Victory, has a new play out. There’s Something in the Fridge that Wants to Kill Me is provocative, moving and hilarious. Isabelle Gregson shines in this one woman, multiple personality show. London previews at Theatre 503 on the 17th and 18th of July, then onwards to the Edinburgh Fringe between 31st July and 25th August.