Pete Moore

For the past decade, Pete has acted as a translator; making ‘academish’ intelligible to people who only speak English. He relishes opportunities to unravel complex science and present it in ways that are accessible without watering down key concepts. His work has been seen in publications ranging from Zest and Practical Parenting to The Guardian, New Scientist, The Lancet, The Journal of Biology and BioMedNet.

Since 1996 Pete has had nine books published and received seven national awards for his work. He has been interviewed on radio and television on at least 50 different occasions discussing his books or news events that relate to them.

Pete Moore combines a thorough grounding in biological science with a strong track record in science communication. His academic career was kicked off with a degree in the Physiology and Biochemistry of Farm Animals, and was quickly followed by a PhD in fetal development. Both degrees were awarded from the University of Reading. After five years post-doctoral research in Reading, Auckland and University College London he stepped sideways from the research bench and became a freelance science writer in 1993.

Pete is Chairman of the Medical Journalists’ Association, and a member of the Physiological Society, the Association of British Science Writers and the Society of Authors.

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